Here you can find the official rules of the server SvapoMC Community. The rules may be updated at any time and therefore, we invite all players to check this page regularly.

The rules ensure a good functioning of the server. Anyone who does not comply with the regulation will be sanctioned based on the seriousness of the deed.

For any questions you can open a discussion in the Forum or contact a Staffer on our TeamSpeak: Ts3 SvapoMC

General Rules

These rules are valid for every server of the Community SvapoMC

  1. - It is absolutely forbidden to make real money on SvapoMC servers.
  2. - It is forbidden to insult, provoke or flame in any way the people or a staff member.
  3. - It is HIGHLY forbidden to Blasphemy.
  4. - It is forbidden to use bad and inappropriate language.
  5. - It is forbidden to be racist and discriminatory .
  6. - It is HIGHLY forbidden to invade the privacy or touch sensitive data without the permission of the person concerned ( ARTICLE 675 'italian's costitution' ), also the Staff is not authorized to request your data (sensitive or not).
  7. - It is forbidden to advertise/share in any way other servers or YouTube channels, Twitch, HitBox, etc.
  8. - It is forbidden to abuse the CAPS.
  9. - It is forbidden to flood (sending at high speed a series of messages or packets not related to a specific predetermined topic).
  10. - It is forbidden to circumvent the ban/mute.
  11. - We aren't responsible for your account (for more information, go on our TeamSpeak SvapoMC ).
  12. - The Staff has the final say on decisions concerning the server!.

Rules CS:GO

  1. - It is prohibited to use cheats or hacks that benefits the player. (report them on the forum)
  2. - It is forbidden to scam players in any way.
  3. - It is forbidden to block (AFK) the game.
  4. - It is forbidden to ask Competitive's requests inside the server.
  5. - Combat Surf: It is forbidden to camp for more than 5 seconds.
  6. - Combat Surf: It is forbidden to do BOOSTs inside the server.
  7. - NoScope: It is forbidden to stay in the same position (camping) for more than 5 seconds (relative time).
  8. - NoScope: It is forbidden to go out of the maps.
  9. - NoScope: It is forbidden to use dots like: tape on the center of the monitor, marker, the console bug, etc...
  10. - NoScope: It is forbidden to climb up any tower for more than 2 seconds, the towers can be used only for trickshots.

Terms & Conditions

The user using SvapoMC's services accept and agree with the following rules. If you do not agree please do not use our services